We’re looking for volunteers

We’re looking for volunteers

27th July 2021

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We’re excited to announce that we are recruiting volunteers; Buddy Scheme Ambassadors and Buddy Scheme Volunteers.

Our Buddy Scheme helps students to connect with other students through a peer to peer support scheme that provides students with pastoral support and is open to all.

The Buddy Scheme is looking for students to become Buddy Scheme Ambassadors to help lead and shape the Buddy Scheme, and Buddy Scheme Volunteers who are the lifeblood of the Buddy Scheme, they provide peer support to other students who would like a helping hand.

Buddy Scheme Ambassadors

What does it involve?

 Buddy Scheme Ambassadors are our student leaders of the Buddy Scheme, they will have the freedom to work as a team to help to plan and facilitate Buddy Scheme events, use social media skills to promote the scheme and create a supportive community for students.

What are the benefits?

In addition to helping students make the most of their time here and representing the Sussex Buddy Scheme, you will learn and develop impressive professional skills including communication, organisation, and event planning and facilitation. It is also an opportunity to develop time management, leadership and mentorship experience.

It is a low commitment voluntary role with big opportunities which will look great on your CV.

If you are an approachable, engaging, creative person who can think outside the box, and who is passionate about the overall student experience, then you could be a great Buddy Scheme Ambassador.

This is a volunteering opportunity, apply here.

>> Read the full role description here.

Applications close on: Monday 23rd August at 10am.

Buddy Scheme Volunteers

We’re looking for students to sign up to be Buddy Scheme Volunteers!

You’d be happy to contact or meet up with a small number of students once or twice a week. You’d be there to provide a friendly ear and to check on how they’re getting on.

You can use your experiences and knowledge of university life and the local area to help answer their questions. We wouldn’t expect you to act as a counsellor and have lots of services you can signpost them to should they need it.

The amount of time that you commit can be flexible, depending on your timetable and availability.

This is a social and fun position that you can add to your CV and will enhance your whole university experience!

The work that you will do in this role can really make a difference and the training is designed to support you to achieve the most out of your role.

Please click here for the full role description.

Sign up here 

Any questions, get in touch: buddyscheme@sussexstudent.com