Volunteering for the
Buddy Scheme

Steps to become a Buddy Scheme volunteer

Your exclusive guide to becoming a Buddy Scheme volunteer, expectations and advice!

  1. Read the volunteer role description, the expectations and the advantages of being part of the scheme to make sure it is right for you!
  2. If you are happy with what to expect (and what not to), complete the application form at www.buddyscheme.com/apply.
  3. Look out for an email from us to subscribe to our newsletter (please also check your junk mail as it might be reverted it there). Also follow us on Facebook and Instagram.
  4. Receive an email notifying who are Buddy/Buddies are! Matching will commence from A-level results day and throughout the Autumn and Spring terms.
  5. Contact your Buddy/Buddies via email as soon as possible. Introduce yourself, exchange contact details (it can be through Facebook, Whatsapp or anything you are both/all comfortable with). Start getting to know each other.
  6. If you have opted to meet your buddies in person, we recommend you meet in a public place on campus for the first meet. If you have a group of buddies: discuss with them whether they would like to meet in a group of individually first and choose a location that suits everyone!
  7. Prior to going for the meeting, put yourself in their situations. Try to recall how you first felt when you came to Sussex? They could be experiencing a bit of a culture shock or homesickness so think about:
    1. What helped you to settle and what did you enjoy doing?
    2. What do you love about Sussex university about Brighton? What are some of the activities you could recommend?
    3. Questions you would want to ask them and potential answers to questions they might ask you?
  8. Your Buddy/Buddies should acknowledge that you are studying and other commitments too! Make it clear when you are available to meet and communicate and when you are not.
  9. Attend our events with your Buddy/Buddies. Keep an eye on your emails/ website/ Instagram/ Facebook to get more information on our upcoming events.
  10. Continue to support your buddy for a minimum of 1 hour per week (per buddy) for at least the first month. This means that you will get to know your Buddy and give them something to do on a weekly basis as they settle in. Again, this can be through meeting up, chatting online or anything that suits you!
  11. We want to know how things are going. Is there any way we can help and mentor you? Feedback and suggestions? Find our contact details below to chat to us about any worries, doubts or awesome things you have experienced. We are here for you!
  12. Find out about the Student Union rewards attached to being a Buddy Scheme Volunteer as we truly appreciate both your time and effort on the bottom of page 9!

Read the full handbook here

Support Services at Sussex

Student Life centre

The student life centre is the first place to go with questions, queries, worries or concerns. They have an information desk that is open from 0900hrs to 1700hrs Monday- Friday and also offer email and phone advice in addition to face to face appointments and drop-ins.

Campus and Residential services

The CRS runs the residential life scheme on campus. It responds to critical incidents across the university and offers ‘out of hours’ welfare and emergency support when the student life centre is not open, after 5pm Monday to Friday and during the holidays evenings and the weekends.

Counselling service

The university counselling service offers free, confidential therapy to students at the University of Sussex

Students’ Union’s support and advocacy service

All students are members of the Students’ Union which can offer advocacy and support which is independent of the university.

Sources of information

‘I need help’ button

This page gives information for Sussex students, or friends of Sussex students, who are looking for urgent help.

Health and wellbeing web pages

These pages contain information about a wide range of wellbeing issues, including the local sources of support for a wide range of issues and concerns.

Support for students web page

This page gives links to all sources of support at Sussex, covering a wide range of issues and concerns.

Contact us

We are there for you! Please contact us at buddyscheme@sussexstudent.com

Alternatively, visit us at the Students’ Union in Falmer House.

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