Volunteering for the
Buddy Scheme

The Process: what to expect

Step 1

Read the Buddy Scheme Volunteer Role Description

Step 2

Complete application form at www.buddyscheme.com/apply

Step 3 - Stay updated

Look out for your email subscription to our newsletter. Like us on Facebook and join our Buddy Volunteer Facebook Group

Step 4 - Receive an email notifying you of who you have been matched with.

Receive an email notifying you of who you have been matched with. Matching will begin over the summer before the start of the academic year and throughout the Autumn and Spring Terms. You can apply whenever you like.

Step 5 - Contact your buddy/ies by email as soon as you can.

Contact your buddy/ies by email as soon as you can. Introduce yourself, exchange contact details/ Facebook/ phone (whatever you are comfortable with) and start getting to know each other before meeting up.

Step 6 - Arrange to meet up

We recommend you meet up in a public place on campus for the first meeting. If you have a group of new students, discuss with them whether they would like to meet first in a group or individually. Choose a location that suits everyone.

Step 7 - Prepare for your meeting

Put yourself in their situation, consider how they might be feeling – they may be having a bit of culture shock or homesickness. Think about...

Step 8 - Set expectations

Your buddies need to acknowledge that you are studying too and have other commitments. Make it clear when you are available and when you are not.

Step 9 - Attend events with your buddy/ies

Keep an eye on the website/Facebook/emails/newsletter to find out what Buddy Scheme events are coming up.

Step 10

Continue to support your buddy for a minimum of an hour a week per buddy. This can be through meeting up, chatting online/phone, whatever suits you!

Step 11 - Come and see your Supervisor - Jane Trueman

Arrange a meeting with Jane or come to her drop in session. We want to know how things are going, any problems, any ways in which we can help and support you, feedback and suggestions. We like to see you!

Get in touch with Jane to arrange: jane.t@sussexstudent.com / 01273 678288

Jane Trueman

View the Buddy Scheme Handbook online

Step 12 - Feedback

We love the buddy scheme but we want to know your thoughts - fill in our quick feedback form

Opt Out

Changed your mind and out no longer like to be a part of the Buddy Scheme? That’s not a problem just let the Buddy Scheme team know: buddyscheme@sussexstudent.com