Join the Buddy Scheme today!

The Buddy Scheme is a peer to peer support scheme coordinated by the Students’ Union that helps new students settle in to life at University and Brighton.

Starting at University can be daunting whether it’s leaving the family home, moving to a busy city like Brighton, or moving country altogether! Getting used to a new way of life is exciting but can leave some students feeling a bit isolated. The Buddy Scheme exists to help and support new students.

There is a series of events to provide a space for Buddy Scheme members to do something fun and different with each other and allow them to meet others on the scheme. The events are subsidised by the Buddy Scheme to make them cheaper and affordable.

The scheme is based around matching current students (Buddy Volunteers) with new students because they have lots of tips and useful information about university and Brighton which is really valuable to new students. Current students have been through it already and can identify with new students’ experiences, acting as the “go to” person for any questions they may have.

Students are matched depending on the preferences set in their application form. Please apply below. If you have a Sussex email address, we kindly ask that you use this when applying to the Buddy Scheme. We will communicate with you by email so please don’t forget to check your inbox!

The Buddy Scheme is open to every student at Sussex and you can apply at any point during the academic year up until March.

Please note you are signing up for the academic year 2019/2020.


Buddy Scheme Volunteer Application form

This form is for current students at Sussex University who want to help new students settle in. ( * required )

Pronouns are words which stand in for a name such as he/him, they/them, ze/hir, e/em. This will be sent to your buddy.

Please note: your phone number will be shared with your matched buddy

Please tick all that apply

e.g. if you ticked that you are a student that identifies with a particular group (LGBTQ+, Students’ with disabilities or Ethnic minorities) please let us additional information that you think we should know

The Buddy Scheme

How did you hear about the Buddy Scheme? (Please tick all that apply)*

These are the preferences that will be used to choose who your buddy will be so please pick the 3 preferences that are most important to you and in the order of priority (please note: it may not be possible to match you by your preference but every effort will be made to do so)

What are your interests?
How many hours would you be willing to volunteer with the Buddy scheme each week?
For Health and Safety reasons we need to have a named contact for you. This could be a parent, guardian, another member of your family or a close friend. They do not need to live in the UK.

I confirm that the information provided is, to the best of my knowledge, true and complete, and understand that providing false or misleading information could lead to my being asked to leave the scheme. In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 the information provided on this form will be used for my participation in the buddy scheme.

I understand that the information provided on this form may be entered onto a computerised database.

I agree that if I am paired with another student, the information given on this form may be shared with them.

From time to time your data may be shared with University departments for reporting reasons. This is not for marketing purposes