The benefits of a good walk in the countryside!

The benefits of a good walk in the countryside!

14th March 2018

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At Buddy Scheme, one of our goals is to provide a relaxed form of support to the students of University of Sussex. We want to make sure that every student feels included in the university life and improve well being for those who may not find it as easy fitting into the fold. That’s why we put on the events we do and aim to make them as cheap as possible.

One thing that we’ve been asked to do more often is walks and time in the countryside! Both are highly beneficial to the body and that’s why we’ve decided to put on more events like that this term as well as in the future. Last Sunday, we had a smashing walk round Stanmer Park (with weather staying in tact despite a questionable BBC forecast).

Studies show that walking is good for the brain, good for circulation, and good for heart health. Not to mention, being in the countryside, surrounded by nature, is known for the benefits of improving your short term memory, and can aid stress as well, offering relief from it. Some studies have shown that seeing nature can offer better concentration. All of these are of course vital to making sure you’re deadline ready!

For those who missed out, fear not! We have plenty of walks and explorations of nature coming up over the next month or so. This includes a trip to the countryside town of Arundel. Arundel is one of the oldest towns in Sussex county, with plenty of splendid sites. It is not only home to royalty, but also to one of the country’s most popular nature reserves (of which we are offering students entry to). As well as this, we’re heading to UNESCO World Site, Kew Gardens and walking from the University of Sussex to neighbouring town, Lewes.

We hope to see some of you on our upcoming strolls through nature outside of the bustling city of Brighton and ever busy campus in Falmer!