Thank you Buddies for a lovely afternoon!

Thank you Buddies for a lovely afternoon!

15th February 2018

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Last week was the best way of kick-starting a new term here at University of Sussex Students’ Union! We got to meet and speak with so many great students, many of whom were keen to get more involved in what we do. Obviously, our best event was the Buddy Scheme Afternoon Tea, which got an amazing reception. We were ecstatic to see so many buddies turning up and enjoying the afternoon.

We had a variety of foods on offer at the event. This included scones, plenty of cake and some savoury options such as sausage rolls. We were rather relieved that all the food got hoovered up as we’d ordered quite a lot (and the union fridges were already choc-a-bloc)!

Afternoon tea was a complete success and helped show off some (rare) tasty British cuisine to our many international students.

Missed out this time? Not to worry! Join us on Thursday 4th March for a delicious selection of teatime treats with cakes and scones, served with  jam and clotted cream. Inevitably, expect Jane to be fighting the case for the Devonshire way of making scones. We, however, all know that the Cornish way is better!

This is a fantastic opportunity to get socializing with other members of the Buddy Scheme.

We will also be using this event to get everyone talking about their ideas for the Buddy Scheme and how we can progress with it. So, do come along, and share your feedback on how what we’re doing well and where we can make the scheme even better!

Best wishes from Jimmie and Jane!