It’s never too late to join the Buddy Scheme!

It’s never too late to join the Buddy Scheme!

16th February 2022

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It’s never too late to join the Buddy Scheme!

We’re well into this new semester and what better time to get involved with some of the events happening with the Students’ Union and the Buddy Scheme?

It’s never too late to join us as a Volunteer or to sign up as a Buddy and get involved. We have no time limit on sign ups or applying to be a Buddy Volunteer. Here are some of the great advantages to signing up to the Buddy Scheme whilst you’re studying at the University of Sussex!

Buddy Scheme applications

If you’re struggling to settle in at Sussex, need a friend, or someone you can ask about their experiences of University life, then applying to the Scheme could really help you! Buddies commit to being in contact with you at least one hour a week, but you can set your own preferences together in how you want to communicate with each other (online, meeting up on campus, in a cafe etc.), and how long for. The scheme is there to be flexible and support you however you prefer!

We run free fortnightly events with free hot drinks and snacks during term time, in a relaxed setting! You can use this time to chat and socialise with your friends you bring along, and maybe make some new ones whilst you’re there!

We run events throughout the semester to try something different, have fun, and get talking with other people! Previously we’ve had country walks, picnics, been ice skating and even been further afield to London and other destinations!

Buddy Scheme Volunteers

Volunteering with the Buddy Scheme is a really rewarding experience. If you are someone that feels confident in your experiences of Uni life and could offer support to others this could be a great role for you. Being paired up with a newer student means you’re able to help and guide them through what might be a tricky and lonely situation settling in at Uni, and help them really make the most of their time at Sussex!

Support as many or as few Buddies as you have time to and wish to commit to; at minimum we ask you to support one buddy for one hour a week, so the time commitment is very low if you would like it to be, but that hour can make a big difference to someone’s life at Uni! At the other end of the scale you could help a group of five buddies for five or more hours a week, and organise meetups as a group if all your Buddies are up for it!

Being a Buddy Volunteer means using communication skills to help your Buddy, as well as organisational skills in arranging meetings and keeping in touch with them on a regular basis. These are great skills to be able to include on a CV with examples of their use!

Take part in all our events and enjoy them with your Buddy as a great way to get more from your student experience.

So why not sign up today and join us for some tea and cake, making new friends and supporting other students during your time at Sussex?