Five reasons to get involved with Active Us events!

Five reasons to get involved with Active Us events!

23rd February 2018

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1.) It’s cheap (and some are free!)

Unlike activities on offer in Brighton, which can set back students eye watering amounts, Active Us offers students affordable and accessible events. Many that they put on are absolutely free for students on the Buddy Scheme to take part in. Next week, we have not one but TWO free events being put on by Active Us. These are zumba on Thursday 1st March and yoga on Friday 2nd March. Want a place? Get one before they sell out. Book a space for zumba here and for yoga here.

2.) It gives you something to do with your buddy

Whilst we reserve tables in Room 76 every Wednesday and Friday for our buddies to use as a meet up spot, it can get a bit repetitive if this is your only way of meeting. Active Us offers something different whilst also giving you the opportunity to spend time with your buddy.

3.) Try out something new

Active Us give you a great chance to try out something new. This could be something like Zorfball. Zorfball hasn’t quite made it into the school curriculum yet, and many may never get to experience the newfound craze that it is putting yourself into an inflatable ball and playing football. For those who enjoy football, it gives it a whole new dimension, and for those who  aren’t fans of the sport, it is nothing like it! Get a space on Zorfball here.

4.) Make the most of Brighton

Making the most of Brighton is a priority for many students at Sussex. Active Us events offer students the opportunity to participate in activities on campus but also down in Brighton. For example, our trip to Yellowave for Volleyball is on 26th April, and is taking place on the seafront. Get your space sorted here.

5.) Exercise is great for your wellbeing

Sport is great for your wellbeing. The benefits of doing exercise includes reducing stress, an increase in concentration, and also improving sleep habits. All of these will be assets to students when it comes to deadline season, and taking time out of your studies to participate in activities put on by Active Us is a great way of getting yourself ready to settle down and be productive during those long days in the library!

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