Why we’re launching Thank You Thursdays!

Why we’re launching Thank You Thursdays!

1st February 2018

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At Sussex Students’ Union, we constantly strive to support and also celebrate the work of our volunteers. Volunteering can be difficult when you’re a student. Between studying and earning money to cover shopping and rent, it can be hard to make volunteering a priority. However, much of the Sussex student community does that, by volunteering their time for schemes such as the Buddy scheme and the Language Café. That is why the Buddy Scheme team have got together and decided to launch Thank You Thursdays. This initiative will strive to celebrate those who dedicate their time outside of study and paid work. They will be rewarded with a voucher to spend in Falmer House on a Deli sandwich.

If you know anyone, or if you feel that you have dedicated a lot of your time to either the Buddy Scheme or the Language Café, then get in contact with us via our google form and get nominating!

Each week, we shall be announcing someone at random, with those who didn’t win from the previous week being bought forward. Our intention with making it random is to offer as many people as possible the chance of winning. When it comes to why to nominate, think of whether a volunteer you know goes out of their way to make an event more enjoyable? If your Buddy Scheme Volunteer has gone the extra mile to support you then why not let us know? Has a Language Cafe Volunteer demonstrated a clear passion for language learning, displaying enthusiasm and commitment to helping others develop their language skills? As well as this, it could simply be making the effort to add you on social media or to message on a regular basis to offer advice.

Ultimately, what we want to get out of Thank You Thursdays is a method of giving something back to our volunteers so we can show that we value them and all that they do. Utilising one’s free time to volunteer and give something back is commendable and it’s about time we gave something back to these volunteers!

If you have any questions or queries, feel free to email jimmie.f@sussexstudent.com.

Best wishes,

Jimmie, Jane, Anton and Clara