What’s new with the Buddy Scheme? Virtual Buddy Up!

What’s new with the Buddy Scheme? Virtual Buddy Up!

28th April 2020

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Have you been wondering what the Buddy Scheme Team have been up to during lockdown?

We are very excited to announce Virtual Buddy Up, which is a way to look out for each other and make new friends. As we are all aware these are strange, unusual and at moments very difficult times. We are all in this together and we at the Buddy Scheme want to help students feel more connected to each other wherever you are across the globe. 

A Buddy Up scheme during the pandemic was requested by you and so we have created something that hopefully you will find both beneficial and fun for the lockdown period.

You will be matched up with other students (up to 3) based on your preferences, such as what you would like to do together virtually (gaming, studying, watching films, having someone to check-in with and chat to etc.), or same school of study, similar time zone (so chatting is actually feasible), or even level of study (undergraduate or postgraduate) and more. You can choose to be matched in a group or individually. 

It is extremely flexible and based entirely around the kind of support, interactions and things you would like to do while in lockdown. It is a friend making scheme to make sure that no one is lonely and that there is always someone to chat to and have fun with if you want during this lockdown period. 

We will also be sending out weekly short newsletters with entertaining tips and suggestions of things to do during lockdown with you Virtual Buddy. Sign up here to be connected! Or check out our Sussex SU Peer Support Facebook Group to find take part in our virtual events and activities!