What I learned as a Buddy Scheme Ambassador

What I learned as a Buddy Scheme Ambassador

17th April 2020

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Here are a few words from Jimeet, one of our Buddy Scheme Ambassadors for this academic year, as he shares his experience of being a part of the Buddy Scheme Ambassador Team.

“Volunteering as a Buddy Scheme Ambassador at University has been a wonderful experience. I have made many friends, increased my confidence and have been immersed into a diverse crowd. Since the last year, I have been promoting the scheme on a weekly basis through social networking, delivering speeches, setting up events, welcoming new students during freshers and more.

I have felt welcomed, gained various new experiences, a chance to organise and lead events, socials and the weekly Midweek Mingle. The Buddy Scheme ensures top quality and values each student. This is a great opportunity to work within a supportive and dynamic environment and be a greater part of the Sussex global community.”

Jimeet Romen Shah,
Buddy Scheme Ambassador.

If you would like to be a part of the Buddy Scheme Team next year, gain valuable leadership experience, social media & events management skills, and meet new people then you are can find the full Ambassador role description and apply here.