Thank you! Buddy Scheme Feedback Forum

Thank you! Buddy Scheme Feedback Forum

10th November 2017

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Last week we had a wonderful time with tea and cake! But most importantly we got some very useful feedback from all of you lovely people that attended. From the good to the bad, and all the things you would like to see, we’ve created a little info-graphic to put all of your useful information into a visual. Over the next couple of weeks we are working on our plans for the future and thinking how we can incorporate as many as possible of your lovely ideas!

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In terms of events these were some of the many suggestions: Tours around the UK, Advance Notice and More Tickets; Active Sessions/Events involving sports, workout and cycling;Board Games/ relaxed social events; Increased information on local events and events off campus; Culture sharing events;  a Gourmet food night and Christmas Feast; Karaoke Night; Sherlock Holmes Tour; Socials with Societies; Movie Night and Theater!

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You also mentioned that you’re interested in having more social meeting and matching events, as well as smaller meet ups such as Cafe Crawls. And although you love the Buddy Hour, you would love to have it not just on a Wednesday when it’s match day.

If you would like to leave us any more feedback we would be very  thankful. Please click here