Signing up to the Buddy Scheme, and making the difference to another student

Signing up to the Buddy Scheme, and making the difference to another student

20th April 2018

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Throughout Brighton, you notice an undercurrent of dedicated volunteers, helping tackle everything from homelessness to the refugee crisis. We know that Sussex is a University with dedication to the cause when it comes to volunteering. Each year, the Students’ Union sees and also greatly benefits from this, whether via those who keep the societies running or those who help us by being Students’ Union ambassadors during Freshers Week!

Another of our areas for volunteering, this being arguably one of our most successful, is the Buddy Scheme.

The Buddy Scheme is a peer to peer support scheme, which we coordinate and which helps new and also current students settle into life at University and in Brighton and Hove. Ultimately, changing their experience for the better. We work with a variety of diverse students, and ensure that the events we put on reflect that. This year, we have been on trips to places such as the West End to watch Mamma Mia, to Surrey to visit the historic Kew Gardens, as well as going to the studios where Harry Potter was filmed!

Buddy volunteers need only commit as little as one hour per week. Whilst we offer flexible hours, you will be expected to keep up a rapport with the student assigned to you. It will give you the chance to gain skills in communications as well as in leadership – showing off the skills and awareness you have gathered whilst being part of Sussex.

Be sure that you sign up ready to hit the ground running in September!