Reflections from a former Buddy Volunteer!

Reflections from a former Buddy Volunteer!

15th October 2019

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Here are some reflections from Carmen on her experiences of taking part in the Buddy Scheme. She was part of the Buddy Scheme as a new student and as a Buddy volunteer and has just graduated from Sussex this summer!

“The Buddy Scheme is with no doubt what I will most fondly remember of my time at Sussex. I joined it in my first year as a very lost and confused fresher and my buddy helped me settle in and fall in love with Sussex and Brighton. I decided to “return the favour” by becoming a big buddy myself in my second year and have since then met amazing people that have truly changed my life, and I was hopefully able to make theirs a little bit better by offering support, a shoulder to cry on and a friend to laugh with!

The buddy scheme is not only about having someone who will be your campus tour guide or someone who will proofread your essays, the buddy scheme will give you a sense of community, many awesome events to join throughout the year, it will help you never feel alone! Deciding to join it over four years ago was hands down the very first good decision I made while at Sussex!”

Carmen Margiotta

School of Global Studies