Lewes: a Hike, a Roast, a Castle

Lewes: a Hike, a Roast, a Castle

20th October 2017

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As the weekend approaches and we are thinking of things to do (like join the Walking Tour of Brighton and ending with Fish ‘n’ Chips) We reminisce the amazing time we had last weekend on the hike to Lewes with a wonderful Sunday Roast.

We started the walk from campus along the South Downs National Park. Along the two and a half hour hike we encountered a variety of wildlife. From curious cows to adorable sheep. Sadly the weather prohibited the usual scenic view into the distance. Yet it was still gorgeous and had the air of mystique as the mist spread in the valleys. Students had come with their buddies and enjoyed taking a break in nature. Relaxing the brain and getting some fresh air. Finally we arrived at The Pelham Arms, quite peckish and looking forward to the traditional Sunday Roast, which a lot of us had never tried before. The food was an absolute feast and the plates were polished in no time. Afterwards we decided to stretch our legs just a little bit more (or you know procrastinate from the world of study) and went to explore Lewes Castle.

Overall, it was a successful trip in exploring a new bit of British countryside and culture.

Sunday Roast