I met my best friend through the Buddy Scheme – Mara and Lois

I met my best friend through the Buddy Scheme – Mara and Lois

20th May 2020

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Here is a story of two friends who met at our Buddy Scheme events in Freshers’ week 2019!

“In Freshers week the Buddy Scheme ran an event called ‘Speedmates’ to give students the opportunity to have conversations with new people. As I wanted to get to know other students, I took the chance and went, even though I was not quite sure what to expect and whether I should go. Now I am so glad I did. Not only have I met Anton who invited me to come and volunteer with the Language Café where I’ve met one of my now best friends Lara, but I’ve also met Loïs. 

When I was just about to leave, she asked me for my number as we are in the same course. Already the next day we went to our course introduction together. And guess who I am living with next year. Yes, it’s Loïs. Anyways, since Speedmates, we went to other Buddy Scheme events together such as ice skating in Brighton or to a cookery class with the Food Waste Café. I just encourage you to go and try out the Buddy Scheme events! It’s fun and you never know who you meet.”

Mara – Buddy Scheme member

If you also want to meet new people and maybe even meet your new best friend, sign up to the Buddy Scheme for next academic year! Find out more at www.buddyscheme.com/apply