Elodie and Mio – a Buddy Scheme Friendship

Elodie and Mio – a Buddy Scheme Friendship

7th December 2017

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Today we would like to showcase to you a Buddy Scheme Friendship that has grown over the last term, and so we caught up with Elodie and Mio about the Buddy Scheme experience.

After experiencing the helping hand  overseas from her year abroad Elodie joined the Buddy Scheme, to give back and help someone new settle in. And on the side of this Buddy System there was Mio,  looking for someone to answer her questions, if any arose. This were just beginning baby steps of a growing friendship. They first met online via Skype whilst Elodie was in the UK and Mio was still in Japan. The first in person meeting then occurred over a hot cup of coffee on campus in the first week of term. There and then they felt that this was a budding friendship and decided on which buddy scheme events they wanted to attend together.  Have a look of all the fun things that they did together from ice skating to the i-360, Hike to Lewes with a Sunday Roast and the afternoon tea.

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They did not only bond over Buddy Scheme but even came to the Language Cafe. ‘Every Tuesday, she teaches me French at the Language Café which I enjoy a lot:)’ Elodie did not only try her best to give Mio as much as an English experience such as tasting different British teas and Scottish shortbread, etc and traditions (eg: Advent calendar) but also share some of her French experience.  Mio even came to visit her family and was shown around London, as well as having a relaxing day at the family home with the two cats.


When not having exciting trips to go to they try and meet up for a coffee or hot chocolate – but the different timetables sometimes annoyingly get in the way of that. Now that the winter break is coming ever closer we asked what their future plans looked like. They excitedly responded:

‘We have plans to do a few more things in Brighton before the end of term and cook some more together! We also have plans to spend Christmas together (the French way) – I am really looking forward to having Mio over to show her how we do Christmas in France! We will also explore more of London and Kent when she is here.’

This sounds like an amazing Christmas plan in our eyes. So the last thing we had to ask if they would recommend the Buddy Scheme. Laughing they responded with ‘100% The people we met and the activities we got to go on which we would otherwise not have had the opportunity to do are definitely worth it.’ Elodie also said that it was a great opportunity and it feels lovely to help and give back.


Don’t forget to sign up to the Buddy Scheme for the Spring Term and have a look at all the lovely events we’re doing in the upcoming term!