Buddy Scheme and Language Cafe Feedback

Buddy Scheme and Language Cafe Feedback

9th April 2018

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After having you all over for a lovely Buddy Scheme Afternoon Tea and Forum, we made notes of what you told us, read through all your wonderful and helpful comments. From this we gathered that you all want more! Ranging from calming hikes to seven sisters to thrill rides at Thorpe park, board game afternoon teas and more Active US combinations such as the Zumba class we did before the Easter break. Have a look below as we collated your feedback into a little infographic diagram drawing.

BS Feedback


You also had a bit to say about the Language Cafe! It seems a bigger space or quieter space, where it’s easier to hear is among the most desired. The culture presentations seem to be a real hit. We will have a look into putting the much beloved international film screenings on another night to Language Cafe. But just have a little nose around below on all the feedback you gave:

LC Feedback

If you have any other comments, don’t hesitate and contact us at: buddyscheme@sussexstudent.com