Are you an Active Buddy

Are you an Active Buddy

25th September 2018

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Clara Opper, Buddy Volunteer and Active Buddies Activator. 

How is University going so far? One week in already!

This is the time that lots of last minute to-do-lists pop up and you begin to consider what life at university is actually going to be like; where do you do your washing? Where are all the cool cafes? Where is best to go for a night out? Are there cheap student deals on a night out? What about leisure sports? Or competitive sports? Lots of questions, all totally normal.

We’ve got an answer or two for you! You might, for example, want to join the Buddy Scheme. Or maybe you’ve already joined! The Buddy Scheme is run by the Students’ Union and helps incoming students settle into life at Sussex by matching them with current students who provide informal support by regularly meeting up and sharing their experiences and tips.

The Buddy Scheme and Active US have collaborated to form Active Buddies. Active Buddies sessions are totally exclusive to Buddy Scheme members and are a great way for you to hang out with your Buddy, as well as meet new people. Besides the regular weekly classes: Boxercise, Ballet, Zumba and Yoga, we also have special one-off events such as a UV Night, LazerZone and Ice Skating, to name a few!

You can turn up to these sessions and events alone and make some new friends or come along with your Buddy and try something new!

Check out events here: