8 Things You Can Do This Summer!

8 Things You Can Do This Summer!

15th May 2018

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1.) Volunteer

Utilise your free time  by volunteering in Brighton. Volunteering can be whatever you want it to be. You could sign up to help with a local youth club, help with the upkeep of a charity shop or even look to broader horizons with global volunteering websites such as WorkAway, which allows you to volunteer abroad on either short term or long term stays!

2.) Do a short course!

Brighton has a fuse of difference expertise and in doing so has plenty of places for students to learn and get a buzz for something difference. One of the things that you can access in Brighton is short courses, which there are plenty of over the summer. Check out places such as Phoenix Brighton, where you can pick up skills in arts and craft.

3.) Begin to learn a new language 

With a new batch of free time, why not try and get learning during it. One way you could do this is by picking up a new language. Whilst languages are hard to pick up, they can also be fun to learn, and this could give you preparation to transition to a course in the autumn if you begin to persevere and get used to the language beforehand. Helpful sites such as BBC  or Duolingo can get you going with this.

4.) Look at working as an Au Pair

Ah, yes, another excuse to head abroad on the cheap. There are loads and loads and loads of opportunities to explore, to learn and also to pick up care experience by becoming an Au Pair. Au Pairs are usually expected to stay for a month at least, so why not get contacting families abroad to see if they need someone to support them? As an Au Pair, you can use your language skills and also pick up a new language as part of the cultural exchange. Check out opportunities here.

5.) Get fundraising!

Fundraise for a charity. By fundraising, you can do a new and challenging activity whilst diverting your sponsorship to a charity or cause that you care about. By doing this, you can promote awareness of your cause, gain skills in social media and campaigning and also get that feel good feeling that comes from doing good.

6.) Get part time work

During summer, there will be plenty of opportunities for part time work in Brighton. This could include shop work, cafe work, or bar work amongst other stuff. Whilst this may not be the most exciting of ways to spend your summer, it is an excellent way of sorting yourself some extra cash so that you can do better stuff with your free time!

7.) Explore the UK

There are plenty of places you explore both near and afar when it comes to the UK. Be sure to check out Pride marches in London and Brighton, as well as the Edinburgh Fringe further afield in Scotland. As well as this, check out nearby towns such as Rye and their beautiful scenery!

8.) Most importantly, explore Brighton!

Brighton is full of quirks and surprises, especially in the summer time. Be sure to check out restaurants and festivals taking place in the city centre as well as heading further out and exploring places such as the Downs and lovely nearby Rottingdean. Rottingdean includes a Lido which will be perfect in the summer weather.

All the while, when you’re out exploring and having adventures this summer, be sure to send the Buddy Scheme your pictures and let us know about your experiences by emailing buddyscheme@sussexstudent.com.