Competition to design next year’s canvas bag!

Competition to design next year’s canvas bag!

11th April 2017

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In recognition of the fantastic work done by our Buddies and Volunteers, the Buddy Scheme is launching a competition for our members to create the design for next year’s Buddy Scheme canvas bag. The competition is open to all current Buddy Scheme members and will be running until Friday the 28th of April. Let your creativity flow free – we are ever so excited to see what designs you come up with!

As the design will be printed please keep your design to only one colour(but feel free to choose which!), and that you try to keep in mind that strong contrasts and lines are easier to print than prints with shades and small details. See the Sussex Freshers Bag for 2014 below as inspiration and a rough guide.

Please make sure that your design is at least the size of an A4 paper, and that it is submitted either via our email at or delivered in person to the Activities Office in Falmer House with your name and email address attached before the end of Friday the 28th.