Applications are open for the Buddy Scheme!

Applications are open for the Buddy Scheme!

5th April 2017

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The Buddy Scheme is a peer support scheme run by student volunteers helping to welcome new students to Sussex. The Buddy Scheme works to team up new students with current students, offering peer support and friendly guidance throughout the academic year. Our Student Buddy Volunteers make a huge difference for arriving students, and have this year helped over a thousand new students settle into life here at Sussex. As members of the Buddy Scheme, students make lifelong friends and unforgettable memories.

Being a part of the Buddy Scheme is an excellent way to get involved and make a difference with your time at Uni, and we are now looking for new Volunteers for next year! As a Buddy Scheme Volunteer you will be paired up with an arriving student, and help them settle into student life by sharing the knowledge you already have as a current student – everything from where to find the best lunch on campus to where to go for the best fish and chips in town. We ask that you dedicate an hour a week to your Buddy, either to meet up for a cup of tea, chat online, go for a walk or attend some of the events put on by the Buddy Scheme.

Throughout the academic year the Buddy Scheme will be organising events exclusively for our members. Our events range from afternoon tea to trips to the Harry Potter Studios Tour and Ice Skating at the Royal Pavilion. The Scheme is also linked with the Active US project, offering new and exciting experiences such as Bouldering, Yoga and AirHop.

Being a member of the Buddy Scheme is an excellent way to make friends from all walks of life, and be a part of something that celebrates diversity in an informal, fun and sociable way. The scheme is open to all students at Sussex, and is currently engaging over 1400 students of all ages.

Apply here to become a Volunteer for the Buddy Scheme!

You can also find more information about the Buddy Scheme at the Buddy Scheme Website, and you can also check out our Facebook page to find photos from this year’s events. If you have any questions you can email us at